Online Per Diem

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If you are having problems with the "Automatic" program where you upload your schedule, here are some common problems:

Did not receive the email

  • Did you type in the wrong email address?
  • Do you have a spam filter on your email inbox- try a different email account.
  • Did you open your logbook before uploading it? It usually opens inside MS Excel and when you close the file, it puts extra formatting into the file.

  • You see an error page after sending uploading the file
  • For AA Pilots: Did you download the file in "CSV" format? After hitting the little box with the arrow coming out, be sure to click the "dash" after "Crystal Reports (RPT)" to open another selection window where you will see the CSV option.
  • Continue to get error page-It is possible to end up with a corrupt file on my server which you cannot get around unless you try another email account to upload your schedule.

  • I cannot find my schedule file after downloading it.
  • You are not alone. Always try to remember what the name of the file is and where you are saving it when downloading. If it is not in "Downloads" directory, it might be on your "Desktop" or in your "Documents" folder.

  • I only see trips for January in my report.
  • Did you use the report last year? You might have uploaded the file that you downloaded last year. Look for the same file name with "(2)" for this year.

  • I do not see any of my Turns.
  • You won't. I do not include turns in the report.

  • I do not see one of my trips.
  • Possibly it was not recognized or not in your logbook file. You can manually add it at the end of the training input form. Just type in the layover.